EquiVibe was developed by horse people for horse people. EquiVibe is the first equine therapy plate in the United States that aids in performance, rehabilitation and the prevention of injuries.

We share the love for our horses just as you do and we would do anything to keep them healthy and performing at the highest level. We understand the benefits that whole body vertical vibration can have on our horses whether it be for performance, rehabilitation, or preventive care and that is why we take so much pride in providing the most durable, effective, and proven vibration plate for horses in the world.

EquiVibe is the first equine therapy plate in the United States and has been trusted for over 10 years by horse owners, rehabilitation facilities, equine hospitals, trainers and many more all over the world to help horses rehab and recover faster from a wide variety of injuries and issues. Many of our customers have reported back on how the EquiVibe has both helped prevent and rehabilitate their horses with the following injuries and issues.

Hoof Care

Increased Circulation, Increased Hoof Growth, Laminitis, Improved Hoof Wall, Quarter Cracks, Founder, Coffin Bone

Bones and Joints

Hock Soreness, Promotes Bone Healing, Increases Bone Density, Sore and Stiff Stifle Joints, Build Stronger Bones, Navicular, Bucked Shins, Arthritis, Curbs, Fetlock, Hip Injury, Patern

Soft Tissue Issue

Torn Ligaments, Tendon Tears, Muscle Soreness & Tears, Strains and Sprains, Suspensory Issues, Cramping, Muscle Atrophy, Tying Up, COPD, Increased Oxygen in Blood Streams, Increases Blood Flow, Chronic Back Pain, Swelling and Inflammation, Muscle Tone, Cellulitis, Maintain Muscle In A Stalled Horse

Here is a case that will truly show the therapy benefits the EquiVibe can provide. The successful treatment of this severed tendon left the veterinarians at Colorado State University “scratching their heads.”

May of 2015, a 15 year old gelding was appearing to move with an almost undetectable lameness in the right front. Colorado State University diagnosed the horse with “Tendonopathy; with medial and lateral proliferation of the superficial tendon, and tears in the deep digital, along with swelling and fluid in the sheath.

19 weeks of strictly EquiVibe (40-50 hz, twice daily) and cold laser therapy (twice daily on site) aid directly in the complete recovery of the torn and proliferated tendons. The ultrasound lends proof that there is no longer evidence of an injury. The recovery was done 100% non-invasively, and without risking the wellness of the rest the horse’s body such as loss of muscle strength, loss of bone density, needed exercise.

Why WBV?

One of the immediate effects of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is improved circulation of both blood and lymph. Anything that can improve circulation is of significant benefit to the equine athlete, and the total horse population. Increased blood flow improves oxygenation of the tissues, removal of toxins and metabolic waste, and enhances the body’s ability to heal itself, drug free. Designed to increase bone density, reduce muscle soreness and inflammation.

Why Equivibe?

Know the Difference!

Vibration Type

The EquiVibe gives off vertical vibration, the most proven and preferred form of vibration for horses. Vertical vibration allows your horse to receive the benefits of whole body vibration in a natural and efficient way. Other forms of vibration have been known to “work against your horse” by putting torsion and stress on muscles and joints.

Made in the USA

EquiVibe is the only vibration machine for horses that is truly Made in the USA

Published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science

We are the only equine therapy plate to have been published in the JEVS.

Durable, lasts a lifetime

The EquiVibe is the most durable platform on the market. Our products are built like they used to be, built to last.


EquiVibe offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of our equine vibration plates.


Take your EquiVibe with you wherever you go. Our lightweight aluminum EquiVibe models are equipped with wheels, making it easy to take with you on the road.

This innovative treatment of vertical whole body vibration training and therapy for horses has been successful for improved performance, faster rehabilitation and preventative care of injuries. Horses can experience physical wear and tear due to their training and competitions. They may also develop complications due to their confinement in the stall. The EquiVibe is an alternative to exercise in less time. The EquiVibe can help repair muscles, improve bone density, and maintain muscle mass in a stall horse. It is also used as an aid to warming up and cooling down.

Who Uses Equivibe?

  • Veternarians
  • Reining
  • Equine Massage
  • Equine Therapy Centers
  • Harness Racing
  • Equine Hosipitals
  • Racing Trainers
  • Equine Rehab Racilities
  • Lay Up Facilities
  • Barrel Racing
  • Ropers
  • Equine Chiropractors
  • Cutters
  • PBR Bull Contractors
  • Body Workers
  • Hunter/Jumper
  • Mounted Shooters
  • Farriers
  • Dressage
  • Eventers
  • Equine Thereapy Practintioners

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The benefits listed on this web site are based on independent studies which reference years of research into (WBV) whole body vibration exercise.


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