“Brandy is here with us at Trotter Farms for five days starting 1/25/2015. This mare has a torn meniscus in her rear leg and she hasnt been sound since July, until today. After just one session on the EquiVibe Brandy was moving freely enough for her owner to get on and ride. Here is what her owner had to say! “I went to Linda’s (Trotter Farms) today to try out the EquiVibe on my horse that I love dearly that three different vets gave me very little hope of EVER riding her again and she had one treatment and guess what….a dream come true I actually got to ride her today!!!!!! She is spending the week with Linda and I absolutely can’t wait to see the results. THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH Linda!” We cannot wait to see Brandy’s progress over these next five days. Stay tuned!”

Trotter Equine Farms, TN

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