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You Got Questions? We Got Answers

We recognize that embarking on your EquiVibe affiliate journey or delving into the specifics of our specialized vibration therapy plates for horses might raise some queries. This section is devoted to offering thorough responses, clearing any uncertainties, and shedding light on the facts about our products.


As you explore the frequently asked questions below, equip yourself with the essential knowledge and assurance needed for your affiliate journey with EquiVibe.

When Evaluating WBV what do you think are the most pertinent questions to ask a company about their machines?

Vibration movement is probably the most important question to ask about, because vertical vibration is so very much important. The next one of importance would be warranty and where it is made. Most platforms are made in China and other countries. Where EquiVibe has the best warranty on the market, built to last and made and assembled in the USA. Will a company from another country service your machine?

What type of vibration does the EquiVibe provide?


Is this important?

Yes, this is very important. It is preferred by medical professionals, trainers and owners alike. Reason is, vertical vibration is natural movement. When you walk or run, your feet, arms, legs are moving up and down. Same for the horse or any animal. NOT sideways or in a circular motion. EquiVibe is designed in a way to reproduce vertical vibration. EquiVibe is a stable, stationary vibration platform. There is no wobble, no side to side movement, no circular motion. Those movements are not real world, they are not real physics. Medical professionals say, because of gravity, vertical motion on a stable platform is. Therefore it does not create stress, unlike other vibration platforms. Simply it provides micro hits of gravity that enhances the gravity that is already there in order to create the clinical and training compression that we need to excite our nerves, to mobilize joints and to strengthen our muscles to enhance our function.

What is EquiVibe used for?

Performance, Rehabilitation and Preventive Care.

Who uses EquiVibe?

Owners, trainers of thoroughbred racing including Triple Crown Winners. Also World Barrel Champions, Cutter Champions, Dressage, Reining, Jumper Champions, Harness Racing, Stables and more. As well as Veterinarians, Chiropractors, Therapy Centers, Equine Hospitals and more.

Where is the EquiVibe Built?

The EquiVibe is made and assembled 100% in the USA. They are built in Malcolm, Nebraska, and built the old fashion way, made to last. As far as we know, no other platform is 100% from the USA.

Why Does It Work So Well?

A mechanical wave enhances gravity. We have gravity that pulls us down, it jams us into the earth and we have ground reaction force. Whole Body Vertical Vibration if properly mechanically designed, like the EquiVibe, gives us vertical hits of the same kind of thing from the bottom up. Therefore, if we are caught in the middle, which the body is between gravity and the whole body vertical vibration machine we also realize the benefits we are getting from the load of gravity, from the ability of the gravity to stimulate our bones, stimulate our muscles, stimulate our nerves, becomes a very, very powerful resource.

How does the EquiVibe work?

Using an EquiVibe® is fairly simple. While properly positioned, the entire body vibrates due to the frequency of the platform, which causes the muscles to contract and stretch in order to sustain balance. These natural reflexes are involuntary and happen very rapidly, much like the human knee jerk reaction tested by doctors. Depending on level of fitness or rehab, the duration and frequency of use will vary. Before when a horse exercised they might be using 40% of their muscles, now with EquiVibe they are using nearly 100% of their muscles. Some muscles they may have never used before.

Does the EquiVibe have variable speeds?


Is this important?

Yes this is very important. The EquiVibe has variable speeds from 10 to 60 Hertz. There are different issues where different speeds are used. For example, low levels have been proven to help with increasing lymphatic drainage, mid-range have helped issues such as bone density, higher ranges can reduce joint pain and enhance muscle strength. And the list of issues go on and on.

Does the EquiVibe require any maintenance?


What type of energy source does the EquiVibe require?

Electricity, regular outlet for USA, we make custom plug-ins available for other countries.

How would you compare the functionality of the EquiVibe to others?

There is no comparison. Other platforms, the vibration will only reach the knees of the horse. With the EquiVibe, the vibration will go through the entire body. Contribute this to the vertical vibration the EquiVibe provides.

How would you compare the durability of the EquiVibe to others?

According to our customers they feel the EquiVibe is much better constructed and more durable.

Does the EquiVibe actually strengthen bone and muscles?

During normal forms of exercise, your muscles contract one or two times per second. Exercising on the EquiVibe® causes your muscles to contract 10 to 60 times a second. Unlike other forms of exercise which work on only about 40% of your muscle fibers, EquiVibe works on up to 90% of your muscle fibers to help you strengthen muscles and develop more muscle tissue. This leads to increased bone density and increased strength.

How is the EquiVibe for rehabilitation?

We did a survey with our EquiVibe customers and here is a list of some of the issues they used the EquiVibe for rehab; Abscess, Arthritis, Bone Density, Bucked Shins, Cellulitis, Chiropractic, Circulation, Coffin Bone, Colic, COPD, Curbs, Cushings, EPM, Equine Bleeders, Fetlock, Founder, Hip Injury, Hocks, Hoof Issues, Hoof Growth, Joint Issues, Knee Injuries, Laminitis, Ligament Injury, Massage, Muscle Atrophy, Muscle Tone, Navicular Issues, Nervousness, Overall Muscle Soreness, Pastern, Post Performance Cool Down, Pre Performance Warm Up, PSSM, Quarter Cracks, Sand Cracks, Scar Tissue, Sesamoid, Shoulder Injury, Sore Backs, Splints, Spurs, Stiffness, Stifle Joint Issues, Stress, Suspensory Issues, Sweeney Muscle, Tendon Injury, Travel Stress, Ty Up, Wound Healing, and more.

Can the EquiVibe help prevent injury?

One of the immediate effects of WBVV on the EquiVibe is improved circulation of both blood and lymph. Anything that can improve circulation is of significant benefit to the equine athlete, and the total horse population. Increased blood flow improves oxygenation of the tissues, removal of toxins and metabolic waste, and enhances the body’s ability to stay healthy and heal itself drug free.

Can the EquiVibe help keep strength and bone density in a stalled horse?

For horses in confinement it is beneficial for them to receive muscle vibration and stimulation for a lack of exercise. For stalled horses, the EquiVibe can help them stay strong, and increase bone density. In fact there was an abstract published for the EquiVibe supporting this issue. The abstract was published in the May 2015 issue of the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science.

Is the EquiVibe Easy to Use?

Horses that have used the EquiVibe have taken to it very quickly. They look forward to their session. They step up on the EquiVibe platform willingly and stand quietly. The EquiVibe’s vertical vibration has been proven to be an effective therapy tool for massage, stress relief and relaxation.

Your machines have unique plate movement to them. Traditionally the market is composed of either pivotal or linear machines with just a few tri-planar ones. Which traditional plate movement is the EquiVibe most similar to?

Those with linear or vertical movement. But….the secret is the stationary platform with smooth vertical vibration, all the others have a moving platform, and/or a different type of vibration movement, which is not natural.

Do those other plate movements have any advantages or benefits over your machines and vice versa does EquiVibe have unique benefits beyond those traditional plate movements?

According to medical professionals, the EquiVibe puts out the vibration that is needed because it is natural movement, where the others are not. The EquiVibe movement is Linear or Vertical. The platform does not move, it is stationary. It is a smooth vibration, not a jack hammer vibration. This movement is natural movement, therefore better for you.

One of EquiVibe’s medical counselors, gave us this explanation. He says, “Vertical vibration will help activate the muscle spindle cells within the muscles better since it mimics the muscle contraction. Vertical vibration also activates the postural muscles which facilitate better muscle balance and coordination. Specific vibration frequencies can produce various different effects on the body. For example; low levels have been proven to help with increasing lymphatic drainage, medium to high level frequencies can reduce joint pain and higher levels can enhance muscle strength. Vertical Vibration therapy alone is significant because everything in nature oscillates at a frequency/vibration. Dr. Kyle Daigle

While studies using WBV are pretty rare in this industry, do you have any feedback from your customers on how the EquiVibe has helped them?

We do have results from equine hospitals, wellness centers, therapists, chiropractors, special health issues, owners, trainers, etc. Feel free to browse through our Reviews.

EquiVibe has had an abstract article published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, May 2015 Issue. The research showed how the EquiVibe helped bone density for stalled horses. EquiVibe is the first whole body vibration platform to have an abstract article published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. This study was conducted by Middle Tennessee State University. Other current studies are being done by Texas A&M, Michigan State University, and others.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The benefits listed on this web site are based on independent studies which reference years of research into (WBV) whole body vibration exercise.

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