Designed to speed up the drying
and cooling time with 6 state-of-the-art-fans!



Light therapy, also known as photo therapy uses a combination of super luminous (visible) and infra-red (invisible) light to treat damaged skin as well as problems with muscles, tendons, bones and ligaments. The treatment works by stimulating the blood supply in a targeted area; providing oxygen and nutrients to the damaged tissue. It also stimulates the lymphatic system enabling waste products to be removed more quickly.

It is well known that humans need light to maintain their mental and physical health. The effects of ‘lack of light’ is commonly known as SAD syndrome and light boxes are used in order to aid in the treatment of depression. Studies carried out on horses showed similar results. Controlled experiences with stabled horses have shown that horses exposed to light therapy for 1 hour per day maintain their ability and attitude during darker months. This study was carried out at Nottingham University.

Dual Action fans, Drying and cooling.

The six high speed fans fitted to help assist with drying and also help to circulate the surrounding air. The fans can also be used independently when the lamps are turned off, turing the UltraPro into a cooling system for you and your horse.

Improves Blood
Improves blood circulation, cellular metabolism and general health and well-being.

Reduces Joint and
Muscle Stiffness

Helps break down the build up of lactic acid after exercise and reduces overall muscle stiffness.

Accelerates Natural
Moulting Pricess

Accelerates the natural moulting process; therefore producing a smoother, glossier coat.

Healthier Skin

 Over time, the solarium will help maintain the natural oils found in your horses skin.

Promotes Injury
and Wound Healing

Promotes the natural healing process and helps to reduce the risk of further injury.

Reduces Exercise
Warm-Up Times  

Reduces the overall warm-up time for scheduled exercising periods.


Sirocco Solarium

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