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Rapid Recovery

No Loss of Bone Density While Stalled

Quality Hoof Care

No Muscle Loss While Stalled

  • Advantages
  • Exercise Muscles While Stalled
  • Relieve Joint Pain
  • Decrease Lameness
  • Increase Hoof Growth
  • Drug Free
  • Alleviate Pain
  • Spinal Health
  • Reduce Need for Injections
  • Start Rehab Sooner
  • Faster Recovery
  • Reduce Swelling
  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Helps Inflammation
  • Improve Joint Pain
  • Increase Bone Density
Full Stall EquiVibe

EquiVibe Stall-Trifecta Equine Athletic Center “I’ve found that the EquiVibe stimulates the blood flow to a horse’s legs, which accelerates the healing process. Since we’ve begun using the EquiVibe paired with our other therapies, we’ve reduced typical lay up times by approximately 30%. Another benefit of using the EquiVibe daily is the muscle development we’re seeing on horses with long lay ups that are unable to be worked yet.” — Magali Farms


EquiVibe produces Whole Body Vertical Vibration, an innovative treatment that has been successful for animal therapy and prevention of injuries. Significant research and customer use has confirmed the positive effects of this technology for horses in therapy, competition and training at all levels.

The EquiVibe allows for an immediate increase in blood flow to the muscles and surrounding tissues. What this does is speed up the recovery process following injuries and reduced soreness from training. Getting maximized blood flow to the problem area will aid in flushing out toxins and metabolic waste products as well as providing all of the oxygen and nutrients necessary for a faster recovery. Enhancing the body to heal itself, drug free.

During rehab a horse may be unable to exercise, a decrease in bone density is likely to occur. However, this may be prevented with the use of EquiVibe vertical vibration therapy, which provides significant stimulus to the bones and helps prevent loss of bone density during prolonged periods of inactivity. Also, for horses in confinement, it is beneficial for them to receive muscle vibration and stimulation for a lack of exercise.

Benefits of EquiVibe Therapy:

EquiVibe Therapy works well for both young horses and horses in need of rehab. The vibration is proven to increase bone density and circulation while at the same time reducing muscle soreness and inflammation. For young horses, especially racehorses, the EquiVibe helps with bone density by stimulating the periosteum to lay down more bone. The vibration therapy also promotes faster hoof growth which can be very helpful in the management of chronic laminitis, under-run heels, or thin soles.

As an added bonus to the rehab and conditioning benefits of the EquiVibe, the horses seem to enjoy the process of standing on the plate. They relax and enjoy the movement and stand quietly during the process. Using the EquiVibe in combination with other training techniques ensures a stronger and healthier horse at the racetrack or show ring.

Horses that have used the EquiVibe have taken to it very quickly. They look forward to their session. They step up on the EquiVibe platform willingly and stand quietly for the 10 to 15 minute sessions. On the EquiVibe, vibration therapy has been proven to be an effective tool for rehabilitation of injuries and overall health, regardless of breed, size, or age.

Even the healthiest animals can benefit from time on the EquiVibe therapy platform, which helps relax and build muscle and has also shown increased energy, improved flexibility, and calmed nerves.

The EquiVibe brings a revolutionary form of training to the table, allowing horses to experience gains in strength, speed, flexibility and agility. But it’s so much more than that, it also allows the horse to experience a revolutionary way to recover, rehab, and rebuild!

Whole Body Vibration Enhances the Body to Heal Itself Faster…….Drug Free


EquiVibe Success

Colorado State University shows before and after images of Lucky’s tendon tears. Lucky was treated non-surgically with the EquiVibe.

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 EquiVibe has been published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science

The EquiVibe has had an abstract published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, May 2015 Issue. The research showed how the EquiVibe helped bone density for stalled horses. EquiVibe is the first whole body vibration platform to have an abstract published in the Journal of Equine Veterinary Science. This study was conducted by Middle Tennessee State University. Other current studies are being done by Texas A&M, Michigan State University, Colorado State University and others.



Authors: E.S. Hulak, H.S. Spooner, and J.C. Haffner

Middle Tennessee State University

Published in Journal of Equine Veterinary Science Volume 35, Number 5, May 2015

Middle Tennessee State University conducted a study using the EquiVibe to evaluate the effect of whole body vibration on bone density in the stalled horse. The study compared one group of 6 horses exercising for 60 minutes, 6 days a week, and another group of 6 horses using the EquiVibe for 45 minutes, 5 days a week.

Here is an excerpt from the abstract:
WBV maintained BMC similar to that of horses receiving light exercise and therefore should be considered when a horse must be stalled without exercise.

WBV – Whole body vibration
BMC – Bone mineral content

Other Highlights from the Study Using the EquiVibe

Whole Body Vibration is a non-invasive, non-pharmacological therapy that could be used as a beneficial way to: prevent bone loss or even stimulate an increase in bone density, prevent bone injuries in horses that are confined to stalls, or to speed up the healing process.

It has been seen that WBV has a strong osteogenic effect, which can increase both quality and quantity of bone.

Horses maintained the same level of BMC as those who were on pasture or were exercised over the 28 day period.

Indicates that the use of vertical vibration may be beneficial to a horse that is stalled without exercise in order to maintain BMC and to decrease the risk of injury when put back to training.

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Torn Tendons
Suspensory Issues
Navicular Issues
Quarter Cracks
Tying Up
Hip Injury
Joint Issues
Hock Problems
Muscle Atrophy
Sesamoid Issues
Bone Density Deficiency
Fetlock Issues
Hoof Issues
Wound Healing
Bucked Shins
Coffin Bone
Ligament Injury
Sore Backs
Stifle Joint Issues
Tendon Injury
and more...

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The benefits listed on this web site are based on independent studies which reference years of research into (WBV) whole body vibration exercise.


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