“My horses have been happy EquiVibe users since September 2013. They all love their time on the EquiVibe, and I love the physical results that I see and feel from them using it on a daily basis. It has become part of their everyday routine. Unfortunately on June 19, 2014, my barrel racing horse, Big Jake Special, had to undergo colic surgeryn where three feet of his small intestine was removed. He spent 12 days in an Equine Hospital, then another 6 days with our regular veterinarian due to a bacterial infection/colitis. After surgery he was on a very restricted diet and even more restricted activity level. He was on complete stall rest for 1 month. He lost weight, muscle tone, had lots of swelling under his belly, and was very depressed. After 1 month the first thing I did was put him on the EquiVibe. Immediately he began to perk up. The brightness began to return to his eyes and his attitude improved. He has always been a horse that likes to roll, but he had yet to do so since being home from surgery. After being on the EquiVibe that day he walked out to his “spot” in the pasture, laid down, and did a half roll/scratch for the first time since his surgery! I firmly believe that the EquiVibe made him feel good enough to do that! The EquiVibe has been a major part of his recovery. He does not miss a day on it! Because of the wide range for the vibrations I was able to start him on a low, slow setting and increase it as his physical condition improved. Increasing his circulation has helped bring back his muscle tone and appetite, which in turn helped him to gain the weight he desperately needed. With the help of the EquiVibe I am looking forward to returning “Jake” to competition in 2015. Thanks again EquiVibe for your wonderful product! It’s been a lifesaver!”
Amanda Martin and Big Jake Special