Amanda Martin – Charleston, MO

“Product shout out! I use things for my horses that I believe in because I see and feel the physical… Read More

Sadler Racing

“The EquiVibe has helped our horses with hot feet, circulation issues and inflammation. With the EquiVibe our horses are training… Read More

Bar L Equine

“I basically tell my clients that vertical vibration is better b/c when a horse (or human) walks or runs the… Read More

Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure and 8 Weeks Stall Rest

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and 8 weeks of stall-rest. The more you can increase… Read More

Vertical Vibration Better than Circular Vibration

“Linda from an Equine Conditioning Facility also adds, “We usually run horses between 20-40 Hz most of the session. I’ll… Read More

Linda Rossi – Integrated Equine

“By properly and gently warming up a horse to accept the EquiVibe plate, it prepares the horse to (not only… Read More

Integrated Equine

“The reason I am passionate about sharing this with you, is because it aids into explaining the value of seeking… Read More

Linda Tatum

“Thanks for the update, Randy. I basically tell my clients that vertical vibration is better b/c when a horse (or… Read More

Barrel Horse News Interview with Two Time Word Barrel Racing Champion Lindsay Sears

“What’s their exercise program before you arrive in Vegas? “Martha gets the month of October completely off with no exercise… Read More

Amanda Martin and Big Jake Special

“My horses have been happy EquiVibe users since September 2013. They all love their time on the EquiVibe, and I love… Read More

Mary Knight, Rancho Paseana Training Center, CA

“Older horses or horses that are body-sore benefit from a ten minute session on the EquiVibe. They walk out on… Read More

Amanda Martin and Big Jake Special, Barrel Racing, Team Roping, Missouri

“My barrel horse was diagnosed with a muscle disease called Polysaccharide Storage Myelopathy or PSSM Type 2. It is the… Read More

The Sanctuary-Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Center, Ocala and Wellington, FL

“We offer vibration therapy at both our Ocala FL and Wellington FL facilities. We use vibration therapy with our rehabilitation… Read More

Lindsay Sears, Texas

“A lot of equine rehab and race track places have equine vibration plates. It increases circulation, builds muscle, helps build… Read More



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