“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and 8 weeks of stall-rest. The more you can increase circulation, promote inner healing, and build stronger bones, the less you have to er on the side of caution in competition.

Stay competitive longer and stronger in the arena. Lay-up and recovery time is greatly reduced, injuries are prevented, and inner wellness is not compromised. The more you can compete safely the more money you can win because you horse isn’t hindered by competition stressors.

Keep in mind EquiVibe is side-effect free and can be used safely used with several other types of modalities like : laser therapy, massage, chiropractics, and more. I have had incredible, well rounded results by administering cold laser therapy, acupressure, massage and body work in combination with whole body vibration.

Don’t forget that these platforms are extremely durable! They can hold up to 2,400 lbs and come with a great warranty. The platforms are provided with great customer service, knowledgeable staff, and are made in America.”

Kathleen Rossi, Integrated Equine

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