EquiVibe Helped Keeping Colic from Attacking, Trotter Farms

“Well, the EquiVIBE has proven its ability to keep colic from attacking a horse today. i had a horse start… Read More

Horses Getting Faster

“Wow EQUIVIBE really works great bay got a whole second faster in barrels today 2 seconds faster in poles making… Read More

EquiVibe Works Wonders

“The EQUIVIBE has done wonders on Teagan’s horses. Like night and day on them. We love it! Thanks for taking… Read More

Judi Barnes, MO

“Thanks for allowing me to share the many benefits of the incredible EQUIVIBE with dedicated horse people interested in solving… Read More

My Experience with My EquiVibe

“I would like to take a minute to tell about my experience with my EQUIViBE… The machine is Phenomenal… My… Read More

Table Rock Equine

“Absolutely phenomenal results! My horses always enjoy instant relief from their chiropractic treatment. Our barn is so very thankful, Table… Read More

Laurie Barnes Kloos

“Tonight I came home to our 30 year old gelding not feeling well. He ate his equine senior, never pooped…. Read More

Terry Haney Wells

“Thank you!!! We are blessed to do business with such a fantastic company! Customer service has been great and the… Read More

Holistic Horse

“Horse is standing on an EquiVibe vibration platform which provides natural movement through vertical vibration. Vibration therapy can help increase… Read More

Ron Ralls

“Ron rode Ruby’s Wright today for the first time in four years, thanks to EquiVibe!” Ron Ralls World Champion

Response to EquiVibe Protocol Inquiry

“For your 4 year old mare, tying up, tight back end, do 10 minutes on 30/ 10 mins on 40/… Read More

Steve Lantvit, Host RFD-TV Sure in the Saddle

“Thank you EquiVibe for giving our 3 year old stallion, Shizzle Whizzle, the extra edge he needs in competition and… Read More

Amanda Martin – Charleston, MO

“Product shout out! I use things for my horses that I believe in because I see and feel the physical… Read More

Day Should be Started with the EquiVibe

“Every day should start with the EquiVibe. How’s your horse on day two of Sport Horse Nationals? The EquiVibe relieves… Read More

Influence of whole body vibration with the EquiVibe on bone density in the stalled horse

“The use of whole body vibration (WBV) therapy to increase bone density has proven successful in humans and rodents. High-frequency… Read More

Sadler Racing

“The EquiVibe has helped our horses with hot feet, circulation issues and inflammation. With the EquiVibe our horses are training… Read More

Twelve Oaks Equestrian Center, FL

“I must say the EquiVibe has had an immediate and positive effect on all the performance horses here at Twelve… Read More

Iris Snyder – IB Stables, IN

“We use the EquiVibe therapy for many types of horses. We have had much success relieving pain and improving mobility… Read More

Aliboo Farms, IL

“A client of ours brought a horse in with splints. After just a couple of sessions on the EquiVibe, splints are 90%… Read More

EquiVibe Is One of a Kind

“I get so many clients who are convinced “one size fits all” when it comes to equine vibration. I have… Read More



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