“Thanks for allowing me to share the many benefits of the incredible EQUIVIBE with dedicated horse people interested in solving real lame issues at the AQHA WORLD SHOW in Oklahoma City. The EquiVibe was close to a warm up arena enabling me to see movement before and after treatment on my machine. I was so pleased with the immediate results. We could NOT even find one thing that was not improved by the EQUIVIBE. We put many sore horses back together before the finales; resulting in several WORLD CHAMPIONS. We treated a 23 yr. old horse that had been a 7 time WC in open jumpers during his career. He was so improved by 3 treatments he was second in the open jumpers, at 23. Her friends and fans kept asking her what she had done to make him jump like he did as a 10 yr. old. The only horse that beat him was HITCHING FORA RIDE who also was using EQUIVIBE. We treated many ailments: adema, filled hocks, sore backs, quarter cracks, sore feet, inflammation etc. etc. Michele brought her mare with both hocks so swollen that ankles were invisible. This was the most amazing thing to me that during a 20 minute treatment the hocks were improved by 75 percent. We were so surprised by the immediate results I asked if we could do another session. One hock was 100 percent and the other was 90 percent back to normal. The next morning BOTH hocks were normal and Michele was able to show in the sorting very respectfully. At that, HIGHLY RESPECTED for his success with lameness, DAVID MCCARROLL, DVM bought the EQUIVIBE and sent many trainers and amateurs to the EquiVibe. An impressive list including GIL GALEGON,CLEVE WELLS,RUSTY GREEN, SHANE DOWDY,CHUCK BRIGGS,ROGER CALL and many more were likewise impressed with the incredible results from EQUIVIBE. Thank YOU again for the optimistic future created by the HEALING properties of EQUIVIBE.”

Judi Barnes, Missouri