“Product shout out! I use things for my horses that I believe in because I see and feel the physical results. There are a few things that have aided Jake’s recovery that I want to share with you.

It’s easy in the Equine industry today to get caught up in using things just because “so and so uses it, so it must be good.” If you are like you want real evidence from real people with real horses. Med Vet Pharmaceuticals and EquiVibe are companies that make some of those products. Without them Jake would not be this far along in his recovery.

Another intriguing fact about Jake is that he has a muscle condition called Polysaccharide Storage Myelopathy or PSSM. His body is unable to properly process starches and sugars. It can cause extreme body soreness and tying up in the worst cases. His diet and activity level is very strict, so having colic surgery was doubly hard on him. MVP makes In-Sync 4 (PSSM product), Syn-Biotic EQ (digestive product), and Gastro-Plex (ulcer/digestive product). These products have been key in his muscle function and repair. Replenished the good bacteria in his gut, and helped with his post-surgery ulcers.

I use my EquiVibe for all our horses, but for Jake it is a daily medical necessity because of his PSSM. Keeping his circulation up is very important, and by doing so it improves his appetite and digestion. After his first post-surgery EquiVibe session was the first time he felt comfortable enough to attempt to lay down and roll/scratch in a month. I know there are tons of products out there, but if you are looking for ways to help you equine partners please consider giving either of these companies a chance to help you! They have literally been “lifesavers” for my boy!”

Amanda Martin, Charleston, MO

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