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 by Mary Knight
Mary Knight, Rancho Paseana Training Center, CA

“Older horses or horses that are body-sore benefit from a ten minute session on the EquiVibe. They walk out on the track ready to train and don’t need the jogging it normally takes to warm up their muscles. The Equivibe stimulates circulation to the extremity of the horse and assists healing by helping eliminate waste products and bringing needed nutrients to the injury site. It does stimulate circulation and therefore benefits horses that are unable to exercise due to the extent of their injuries. All our horses really look forward to their time on the Equivibe and willingly walk on to the plate and stand comfortably and happily on the plate for the entire session. I have seen dramatic improvement in hoof growth with regular use of the EquiVibe. Supplementing the horse’s feed ration with Farrier’s Formula or some other form of feed supplement for hoof growth augments the benefit of the EquiVibe. Anything that improves the growth and health of the hoof will help with quarter cracks.”

Mary Knight, Rancho Paseana Training Center, California

 by Kathleen Rossi, Integrated Equine
Response to EquiVibe Protocol Inquiry

“For your 4 year old mare, tying up, tight back end, do 10 minutes on 30/ 10 mins on 40/ 10 mins on 50 at least 5 times a week.

For your 7 year old gelding I would keep at the 30 and 40 hz but it needs to be for 30 mins total. I also have some insight as to why he could be “worse”. Many times we are helping the horse go through a major change by applying vibration to his body. This change is a positive one, however because there are literal physical shifts in how the horse is carrying himself, he may show slight soreness as he progresses onward to new and healthy body balance!

For your 5 year old gelding, sore shins after winning race last week, and needs more strength behind, so using 30hz for shins and 35hz for strength? Do this for at least 30 mins daily.

And for colic I think it’s best to do 20 hz for 20 mins or until the horse has some releases. Go to for more info.”

Kathleen Rossi, Integrated Equine

 by Sara Crafts
Sara Crafts, Owner, Rising Phoenix Equine Rehabilitation Center at Camulos Farm

“We have really loved this rehabilitation tool! It has been an essential part of our business. Our client base is mostly Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds, and they usually come to us with a variety of manageable problems. The EquiVibe has helped to keep our horses sound and happy. Specifically, we have noticed that horses with back and hock issues have had greatly diminished pain, and in some instances, that pain has been completely erased. We really depend on this great resource!”

Sara Crafts, Owner, Rising Phoenix Equine Rehabilitation Center at Camulos Farm

 by Sherry Sunden
Sherry Sunden, 2High Dollar Ranch, Indiana

“RV is a Palomino Quarter Horse stallion owned by Lisa Prior. He tore his shoulder muscle and is an outpatient at the 2High Dollar Ranch. The ranch used the EquiVibe for two thirty minute sessions a week. Deviation due to the muscle tear that was above the shoulder was approximately six inches long, four inches wide, and about one inch in depth. His range of motion, forward and side to side, was impaired with limitation to extension. With each session, the stimulation of blood flow to the soft tissue decreased the atrophy in the shoulder. After ten sessions, RV’s leg extensions are smoother and the transition is definitely progressing. The deviation above the shoulder is closing in and the muscle is starting to develop again. The atrophic area is approximately four inches long, three inches wide, and about a quarter inch in depth. Breeding season has gone well for this successful stallion.”

Sherry, 2High Dollar Ranch, Rehabilitation, Indiana

 by Sherry S
Sherry S, 2High Dollar Ranch, Rehab, Indiana

“A client brought in a six year old Buckskin Quarter Horse named Action, that was lame. He was used for working cow horse purposes and became lame during use. He was diagnosed with mild Navicular by his veterinarian. After two years of not having any success, the client visited 2High Dollar Ranch to see if the vibration therapy could help this horse become sound. The ranch assessed him and found the lameness to be in the front and also in the hind quarters. In a two week period of time, he was put on the EquiVibe plate daily for thirty minutes. After two days, Action was walking sound on all fours. The ranch reassessed and put the gelding through a stress test. On the seventh day, Action was sound. Action is continuing his stay at the 2High Dollar Ranch for more study.”

Sherry, 2High Dollar Ranch, Rehabilitation, Indiana

 by Sherry S.

by Chris Wobig | Oct 13, 2014 | Abscess, Arthritis, Bone Density, Bucked Shins, Cellulitis, Coffin Bone, Colic, Curbs, Cushings, EPM, Equine Bleeders, Equine Reviews, Founder, Hip Injury, Hocks, Hoof Growth, Hoof Issues, Joint Issues, Knee Injuries, Laminitis, Ligament Injury, Muscle Atrophy, Navicular Issues, Nervousness, Overall Muscle Soreness, Pastern, Performance, Post Performance Cool Down, Pre Performance Warm Up, Rehabilitation, Scar Tissue, Shoulder Injury, Sore Backs, Splints, Stiffness, Stifle Joint Issues, Stress, Suspensory Issues, Tendon Injury, Travel Stress, Ty Up, Wound Healing | 8,153 comments

“We use the EquiVibe for the following issues: abscess, arthritis, joint stiffness, soreness, bone density, tendon injury, bucked shins, spur reduction, post surgery, cellulitis, ligament injury, colic, cushings, EPM, equine bleeders, fetlock, seasamoid, pastern area, hip injury, hocks, curbs, hoof issues, hoof growth, knee injuries, laminitis, founder, muscle atrophy, navicular issues, scar tissue, post performance/cool down, nervousness, stress, pre-performance/warm up, shoulder joint injury, sore backs, overall muscle soreness, splints, stifle joint injuries, suspensory ligament injury, travel stress, wound healing, and coffin bone.”

Sherry S. 2 High Dollar Ranch Rehabilitation & Conditioning Center, IN

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