“THEY LOVE THE VIBE PLATE !!! The affect is improved greatly in all cases, The energy level is increased in the dogs. The flexibility is restored or improved. The PetVibe is great for stressed or worried dogs, it really calms them.

We always start out personally standing/sitting on the plate with it running and call the dog onto the plate. With dogs you know it is easy for them to trust you and hop on with you as you pet them while you are both on the plate. Let them jump off if they want to and build up the time and trust. ALL the dogs we have used the plate with are now VIBE PLATE HOGS. Any time the machine is turned on they come running. If we want to use the machine ourselves we have dogs waiting for their turn to get on with you. If We stand on the machine they don’t wait for an invitation. If We want to use the plate all by ourselves, we have to shoo them off. That’s how we know it works!

Cosby Therapy Animals Inc