“Horse owners!!! Friday I got a call from my husband telling me Dezi (My 4 year old daugher’s 27 year old horse) couldn’t walk. No heat, no swelling, nothing in foot, very uncomfortable, no weight on hind leg, up on his toe, but he would pick his leg up and hold it to the side. I figured muscle? It took 15 minutes to make him get in the stall. Next morning the same thing gave him bute, took my husband and I both pushing and helping him to get him on the EquiVibe platform, put him on for 30 minutes twice yesterday! Today he is walking about 75%. That machine is awesome!!!! It gives that old horse so much comfort, and is worth every penny, for the entertainment and education that horse has given my children! The machine was originally purchased for my barrel horse, but now serves a purpose to everyone at our house including my husband who does concrete and has a bad back, to our 14 year old lab with bad hips! Awesome machine!!!”