“The Chestnut gelding has been in our training care for five years. He has suffered from a variety of lameness issues for the past three years and required multiple joint injections and bute at shows. The Summer of 2013 the joint injections had no effect and he had a persistent grade 2 lameness. After an extensive series of X-Rays in September 2013 the vet decided that the horse had too many arthritic changes and would need to retire from showing. The horse was put on a daily 12 minute regimen on the EquiVibe with light lunging. After 45 days he was sound and bute free. He resumed training in March 2014 with continuing EquiVibe sessions five days a week. He showed sound with no bute the first week of May. He attended the same show in June 2014 where he was Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure AAOTR. He showed sound the balance of the 2014 season. He continues to be sound with EquiVibe sessions three days a week.”

Edwin Sutton, Sutton Trailer Sales, NY