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Twelve Oaks Equestrian Center, FL

"I must say the EquiVibe has had an immediate and positive effect on all the performance horses here at Twelve Oaks. All of our jumping horses use the EquiVibe once a day for thirty minutes. They love it! And the results are amazing. Increased hoof growth, relaxed...

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Kathleen, EquVibe Best Treatment

“My vets advise the EquiVibe is the best investment I can make to keep my horse sound enough to ride. Even state-of-the-art other types of treatments don’t have any or much effect on him and, rather than putting even more money in those and rarely getting a good...

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EquiVibe Is One of a Kind

"I get so many clients who are convinced "one size fits all" when it comes to equine vibration. I have also learned of a vet in our area, who purchased a vibration plate for his clinic and it broke less than 6 months after he got it. He's supposedly telling clients...

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Iris Snyder – IB Stables, IN

"We use the EquiVibe therapy for many types of horses. We have had much success relieving pain and improving mobility for horses that have suffered founder, navicular syndrome, arthritis, soft tissue damage and amny other ailments. It also keeps our high performance...

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Grassland Ranch

"I love their product (EquiVibe) and promote it because they take care of their clients." A. Blalock, Grassland Ranch

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Bar L Equine

"I basically tell my clients that vertical vibration is better b/c when a horse (or human) walks or runs the concussion from loading/unloading our skeletal system and limbs is vertical naturally & that by varying the hertz of the vertical vibrations we can increase...

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Linda Tatum – Bar L Equine

"We are currently requiring low level laser balancing and Equi Vibe prior to putting horses through our water treadmill. We have discovered we get noticeable results more quickly (increased topline, pectoral development, and underbody firming) primarily) from swimming...

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Vertical Vibration Better than Circular Vibration

"Linda from an Equine Conditioning Facility also adds, “We usually run horses between 20-40 Hz most of the session. I’ll run a horse up to 60 Hz for a minute or so, then back down to 40 Hz & finish the session at 20 Hz. The lower hz range helps increase lymphatic...

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Linda Rossi – Integrated Equine

"By properly and gently warming up a horse to accept the EquiVibe plate, it prepares the horse to (not only sit still) receive all the benefits of the vibration plate. Equi-Vibe webpage says, “One of the immediate effects of Whole Body Vibration (WBV) is improved...

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EquiVibe Helps With So Many Issues

"Accelerates healing and provides relaxation to horses and humans alike. EquiVibe has had many accounts of nothing less than miracles occurring with proper application of their machine. Bowed tendons, soft tissue injuries, viral diseases, stiffness, and hoof problems...

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