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Iris Snyder – IB Stables, IN

"We use the EquiVibe therapy for many types of horses. We have had much success relieving pain and improving mobility for horses that have suffered founder, navicular syndrome, arthritis, soft tissue damage and amny other ailments. It also keeps our high performance...

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Hobby, Arkansas

"It has really helped the 2 year old's prevent shin buck. The hoof growth is amazing." Hobby, Arkansas

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Sherry S, 2High Dollar Ranch, Rehab, Indiana

"A client brought in a six year old Buckskin Quarter Horse named Action, that was lame. He was used for working cow horse purposes and became lame during use. He was diagnosed with mild Navicular by his veterinarian. After two years of not having any success, the...

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Twelve Oaks Equestrian Center, FL

"I must say the EquiVibe has had an immediate and positive effect on all the performance horses here at Twelve Oaks. All of our jumping horses use the EquiVibe once a day for thirty minutes. They love it! And the results are amazing. Increased hoof growth, relaxed...

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Integrated Equine

"The reason I am passionate about sharing this with you, is because it aids into explaining the value of seeking out additional and reliable integrative therapy for your horse. When we are trying to condition a performance horse, or simply keep their wellness at a...

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Kathleen Rossi – Integrated Equine

"EquiVibe is a product that promotes performance, rehabilitation and prevents injury in horses. It is a low profile platform run by electricity that vibrates at different speeds. When a horse stands on this platform he receives benefit from the vibration." Kathleen...

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Kelsea Walker, IL

"Thank you so much! I have my horse on my EquiVibe right now as I speak!! Loveit !! He has been running great so far this year!! And he’s a happier horse!!" Kelsea Walker, IL

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Can’t Get River Off of the EquiVibe!

"Chris I have been using my EquiVibe since it arrived. This weekend we were at the CMSA shoot in Bismarck, ND. River was on it before every run and we were high overall Saturday and ladies overall Sunday. She is a true testament as she is a high strung athlete and...

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Linda Trotter – Trotter Farms, TN

"Brandy is here with us at Trotter Farms for five days starting 1/25/2015. This mare has a torn meniscus in her rear leg and she hasnt been sound since July, until today. After just one session on the EquiVibe Brandy was moving freely enough for her owner to get on...

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Concordia Dressage

"The massage therapist that comes out to my farm to work on my horses and my clients horses recommended EquiVibe to me when I mentioned getting a vibration plate for our dressage training stable." Jenna, Concordia Dressage

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Linda Tatum

"Thanks for the update, Randy. I basically tell my clients that vertical vibration is better b/c when a horse (or human) walks or runs the concussion from loading/unloading our skeletal system and limbs is vertical naturally & that by varying the hertz of the vertical...

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