“Hi, I have a personal horse who has been lame since March 2013. He sustained an injury in the pasture, had surgery to remove a chip in the front fetlock, but no improvement. I started him on the EquiVibe plate as soon as it arrived in April 2014. After 2 months on the plate he is sound and I’m riding him. He is still not 100% comfortable on the one leg when standing still and does flex slightly positive (2+). He had also sustained a medial collateral ligament injury to his fetlock. Now I had changed the settings in the EquiVibe to address soft tissue as well as hard tissue injury and will keep you posted as to his progress. He is one of the most talented dressage horses I have ever sat on, so I am ecstatic with his progress.”

Joy Baker, DVM, CVA, CVC, Herbology, North Carolina