September 16, 2014

“Maggie is owned by 2High Dollar Ranch and came to the ranch in March of 2010. She was definitely in shape when the EquiVibe arrived at the ranch in November of 2010, but lacked muscle definition. The ranch owner, Sherry Ann Sunden, uses Maggie for barrel racing in professional rodeos. She understands the hindrances that can be caused from the wear and tear on a horse that is being hauled extensive miles, poor ground conditions, and the stress a horse faces. Sherry used Maggie as a clinical study at the ranch since she knew the horse’s history, physical workouts, demeanor, etc. Maggie was put on the EquiVibe plate daily for a 30 minute session. Within the first 30 days, Maggie started showing definition muscle in her body. She also developed a calmer personality and disposition. In January, Sherry decided to take a huge risk and stopped physically working Maggie on a daily basis, using only the EquiVibe for exercise to see if Maggie would still have the stamina and speed she needed to perform at rodeos. After twenty five days, Sherry entered a rodeo and competed on Maggie. Sherry knocked a barrel down, but her time was consistent with the winning time and Maggie came out of the competition with her normal breathing pattern. The ranch believes you can lay a horse off physical workouts and still have consistency in the performance using the EquiVibe. This mare has been to several rodeos and Sherry’s friends have asked her about the new mare she is riding (that is how different she physically looks).”

Sherry, 2High Dollar Ranch, Rehabilitation, Indiana



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