“RV is a Palomino Quarter Horse stallion owned by Lisa Prior. He tore his shoulder muscle and is an outpatient at the 2High Dollar Ranch. The ranch used the EquiVibe for two thirty minute sessions a week. Deviation due to the muscle tear that was above the shoulder was approximately six inches long, four inches wide, and about one inch in depth. His range of motion, forward and side to side, was impaired with limitation to extension. With each session, the stimulation of blood flow to the soft tissue decreased the atrophy in the shoulder. After ten sessions, RV’s leg extensions are smoother and the transition is definitely progressing. The deviation above the shoulder is closing in and the muscle is starting to develop again. The atrophic area is approximately four inches long, three inches wide, and about a quarter inch in depth. Breeding season has gone well for this successful stallion.”

Sherry, 2High Dollar Ranch, Rehabilitation, Indiana