“We have a 12 year old calf roping gelding that we have been fighting to keep sound. Last fall, while we were already nursing him along with some soft tissue damage in his front feet, he tore his deep flexor tendon. He was again put to stall rest. After being stalled for 3 months he had gotten so weak and sore that he had given up. He was laying down pretty much 24/7. He was not even getting up to eat his feed unless we made him. Having a friend who had much success with her EquiVibe I finally mad the decision to get one. My husband was skeptical but the results would soon prove that it was well wroth the money. The first few days ‘T-bone’ could barely stand as long as 10 minutes even on a low setting. After four days we saw that he was standing up longer when we put him back in his stall. A week later he would get up as soon as we walked in the barn. Two weeks later he was standing more and more throughout the day. He was standing on all four…something I was not sure was ever going to happen again. After 12 weeks of having the EquiVibe we’re able to start hand walking him. Today we have had it for 16 weeks. I feel it has saved this horses life and he looks like he’s been ridden every day. He has muscle in his shoulder and hip. He looks amazing. We have also put our other performance horses on daily. They look like they’ve been to the gym every day! We took two of them to the vet for chiro’s and to check to see if they needed any maintenance. He gave the thumbs up and could notice a big difference. We are thrilled we made the decisions to keep one in our barn! Our only wish is that we could have gotten it sooner.”

The Conklin’s, Missouri

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