“My barrel horse was diagnosed with a muscle disease called Polysaccharide Storage Myelopathy or PSSM Type 2. It is the abnormal accumulation of starches and sugars in the muscles and muscle tissues, which can cause excessive tying up. Though I carefully manage his condition with diet and exercise, he had another episode in early fall of 2013. I knew there had to be something else I could do for him. A friend of mine has an EquiVibe that has done wonders for her horses, so after discussing it with my veterinarian, I purchased an EquiVibe. He agreed that increasing circulation and removing lactic acid would be extremely beneficial for a horse with PSSM.

Almost immediately I noticed my horse’s muscles were much more relaxed and pain free after an EquiVibe session. After 2 weeks, I noticed that his chest and shoulders were becoming more muscular and defined. After a solid month of treatments on the EquiVibe I could feel the vibration throughout his entire body. He stood willingly and quietly for every session, sometimes even falling asleep. When I started riding him again I could not believe the horse power I had underneath me! He was like a completely different horse and felt fit and ready to run! His movements were light and fluid, his energy off the charts! After a run at a barrel race his recovery time was reduced and his muscles stayed soft and relaxed. I truly believe that without the EquiVibe I wouldn’t have been able to start riding him as soon as I did.

The EquiVibe helped us finish out the year and win the 2013 Barrel Bash Team Purina 2D Championship and finish in the top 5 in the 2013 Barrel Bash Open 2D Standings. With the EquiVibe I am confident that my horse is getting the daily increased circulation that not only turn out can provide. It’s helping keep his muscles functional and healthy and he gets on it every day. We even take it with us when we travel, and my husband even puts his team roping horses on it! His main horse has more spark in his eyes and is moving lighter and more fluidly. He looks as though the EquiVibe has taken years off of him! Thank you EquiVibe for a wonderful product and customer service that is second to none!”

Amanda Martin and Big Jake Special, Barrel Racing, Team Roping, Missouri

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