“I get so many clients who are convinced “one size fits all” when it comes to equine vibration. I have also learned of a vet in our area, who purchased a vibration plate for his clinic and it broke less than 6 months after he got it. He’s supposedly telling clients now that vibration plates aren’t worth the effort and expense since his broke. His was not an EquiVibe. Horses have pawed, stomped, and even bitten my EquiVibe plate on literally hundreds of occasions and it’s never missed a lick! It runs like a top and I still get great results every day with it (although it now definitely looks used). Even have several clients who bring their horses in for vibration so they can stand on the plate with their horse and get a 2 for 1 special—Lol!! Several of the human clients have arthritis and two have diabetic neuropathy in their extremeties and they swear by their results.”

Linda Tatum, Bar L Equine Conditioning Facility