“The reason I am passionate about sharing this with you, is because it aids into explaining the value of seeking out additional and reliable integrative therapy for your horse. When we are trying to condition a performance horse, or simply keep their wellness at a maintenance level, we should have certain expectations from the start. Riding your horse and feeding them hay is NOT enough to sustain an athlete, let alone win. But if their conditioning routine was thorough and included: stretching, muscle building, toxin ridding, fascia releasing, and mentally stimulating components then you would probably be the one to beat.

One of my favorite types of therapy also happens to be one of the most proven therapies for helping horses. Whole Body Vibration Therapy is non-invasive, side-affect free and enjoyable for horses. WBV helps with overall circulation, enhances bone density, activates dormant muscle groups, accelerates healing and provides relaxation to horses and humans alike. EquiVibe has had many accounts of nothing less than miracles occurring with proper application of their machine. Bowed tendons, soft tissue injuries, viral diseases, stiffness, and hoof problems are some of the few ailments that have been resolved with this type of therapy.”

Kathleen Rossi, Integrated Equine