“Older horses or horses that are body-sore benefit from a ten minute session on the EquiVibe. They walk out on the track ready to train and don’t need the jogging it normally takes to warm up their muscles. The Equivibe stimulates circulation to the extremity of the horse and assists healing by helping eliminate waste products and bringing needed nutrients to the injury site. It does stimulate circulation and therefore benefits horses that are unable to exercise due to the extent of their injuries. All our horses really look forward to their time on the Equivibe and willingly walk on to the plate and stand comfortably and happily on the plate for the entire session. I have seen dramatic improvement in hoof growth with regular use of the EquiVibe. Supplementing the horse’s feed ration with Farrier’s Formula or some other form of feed supplement for hoof growth augments the benefit of the EquiVibe. Anything that improves the growth and health of the hoof will help with quarter cracks.”

Mary Knight, Rancho Paseana Training Center, California